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xml details (listed alphabetically) Instructions
  1. Download whatever version you want (big/small) by clicking the links above
  2. When you download it, there are 4 files
  3. Place those files in whatever folder you would like under your webroot and then run the page in a browser (http://yourdomain/whereyouputthefiles/index.cfm (if you dont have coldfusion, please open up the cfm file with wordpad, and fix the code, it's pretty self explanatory, mostly it's just html)
  4. When you run the page, a default playlist will start playing if you have not provided one on the url
  5. (i.e.) http://yourdomain/whereyouputthefiles/index.cfm?playlist_url=data.xml
  6. please submit bugs to the google code site! I WILL FIX THEM I PROMISE! (the issues tab) Google Code